‘Flash’ News: DVD Specs and Joe Gets a New Partner


So you’re partner shot himself to prevent his evil descendent from being born and coming back in time to kill all your friends… Just another day in the Central City Police Department (and another Tuesday night on The Flash). So with the, uh, departure of Detective Eddie Thawne (and the actor who played him Rick Cosnett), there’s a hole in the roster of the CCPD. Detective Joe West is going to need a new partner in order to keep all those meta-human criminals in check. A leak has given a hint at just who that new detective might be, and at the same time, Warner Bros. has released the cover art and technical specs for the first season of the show when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

According to Comicbook.com (via Cinema Blend), there’s a place on the internet where you can watch (with a valid password) screen tests with actresses trying out for the part of “Patty,” AKA: Patty Spivot, a character from the New 52 continuity of Flash. One scene features the actress interacting with Det. West, and the other shows her gushing about Barry’s forensic science acumen, which makes sense because the comic book Patty is a CSI alongside Barry.

By now you’re wondering if maybe “Patty” isn’t really “Wendy,” the new love interest for Barry that was described as a “spunky, fun, and funny” science whiz. “Wendy” was talked about online last week, and many fans immediately wondered if Wendy was code for Patty, especially since Patty is Barry’s romantic interest in the comic. It would be an interesting inverse of last year where Joe was dealing with his partner dating his daughter, while this year he’s dealing with his new partner dating his (basically) son. I guess we’ll see if these rumors come to pass.

In the meantime, Warner Bros. has announced (via Comic Book Movie) the release date of the complete first season of The Flash. The box set with all 23 episodes will be released on September 22 in advanced of the second season of the show. Coincidentally, that’s the same day that the third season of Arrow will hit store shelves too. Special features? Glad you asked.

The Fastest Man Alive!
Creating the Blur
The Chemistry of Emily and Grant Screen Test
Behind the Story: The Trickster Returns!
DC Comics Night at Comic-Con 2014 Presenting Gotham, The Flash, Constantine and Arrow
Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a look at the cover art:


The Flash will return for its second season this October on the CW.

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