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It’s happening… and it looks awfully familiar.

Intrepid fans and fortuitous passers-by are starting to post the first images of scenes from the all-new, all-female Ghostbusters reboot that’s due in theaters next year.  As with many a fresh take on a classic film franchise, to say that the project has met with more-than-mild opposition so far from fans would be an understatement.  The fact that these first photos are speculated to show a key scene from the original film essentially being recycled is definitely not gaining director Paul Feig any more bonus points.

The first photo to reference, as seen above, shows Kate McKinnon, lookin’ crazy, running alongside Melissa McCarthy, who is holding something that pretty darn closely resembles the supernatural entity Containment Trap from the original films.  Personally, my key takeaway from this shot – along with the potential containment unit, of course – is how much McKinnon physically appears to be mimicking one of the original Ghostbusters.  I whipped up a quick graphic for your visual approval:

I call it "A Tale of Two Egons."

I call it “A Tale of Two Egons” (click for full-size)

 The crazy hair, the circular eyewear… to me, all signs point to Egon, but I guess only time will tell.

Another few pictures of this same scene came in from an Insagram user, and these additional shots show more about the setting of this scene as well.  Filmed at an old high school that looks to be re-purposed as a college or some other institution of higher learning, could this be a re-hash of the seminal scene where original Ghostbusters characters Drs. Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman are kicked out of there academia jobs and decide “to go into business for ourselves?”

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Our last image today seems to solidify this theory – take a gander below at Kristin Wiig looking very proper and academic-like in plaid.  Is she meant to evoke the look of traumatized librarian Alice from the first film?  Is she purposely dressed in older-style clothing because she’s in an ’80s “flashback” scene, possibly interacting with the original Ghostbusters themselves?  We’ll likely have to wait until July 22, 2016 for the official answer (and the official release of the film), but feel free to add your speculations and opinions below!

credit: fameflynet, via

credit: fameflynet, via

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