While there is still a few months until the August premiere of Robert Kirkman and AMC‘s The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, it’s just about time for the marketing blitz to kick off. First up is the standard teaser trailer embedded below.

Take a look and then let’s discuss.

What did you think? We all knew they weren’t going to show a Walker in this teaser, but I have to say that I really hope this teaser sets the mood of the series. That guy isn’t worried about anything but getting the hell out of there without looking back. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the guy even had shoes on, let alone a belt to hold up his pants.

I often think that all those big talking “How I Am Gonna Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Guys” (Caps because that is how they talk about it) are going to shit their pants and run like hell if the real thing ever happens, just like that guy in the teaser. All that pre-apocolypse talk and planning will go right out the window when confronted with the real thing.

I hope the series maintains that level of fear as it deals with the initial outbreak. In The Walking Dead, the series has moved away from that fear and now fears the living and what they want from you and what they will do to get it. That is until the Walker herd threat rears its ugly head… or would that be heads?

Will you be tuning in come August?

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