Everyone knows that old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”  Still, after Hugh Jackman, the one actor who has shown up in every single movie set in the X-Men world, claimed that Wolverine 3 would be his next and last appearance as that awesome Canadian mutant Wolverine, everyone seemed to take this as gospel.  Somehow, everyone managed to forget that Jackman has claimed this same thing in the past, before showing up in X-Men: Days of Future Past, then quickly contradicted himself by claiming that he would play the character until he died, if Fox let him.  If the latest rumors are correct, it appears that Jackman has fooled us all again, as it seems that Wolverine will in fact show up in X-Men: Apocalypse.  Shame on us.


This latest rumor comes from X-Men Films who happened to dig up an older Instagram post from KikaNY Leather Goods announcing that they would be working on a duffel backpack design for Jackman to use while on the Montreal set of the upcoming X-Men flick.  The original post has since been removed but the photo attached was a rough sketch in a notebook, noting that the design was for Jackman, showing the design of the bag, with a promise that photos of the finished product would be revealed “next week”.

We were just asked to make a special duffel backpack for Hugh Jackman who is filming the new X MEN movie in Montreal. We started sketching – The bag will be ready next week- we will keep you posted! #hughjackman #Xmen #movie #backpack #special

Side note: Have you ever tried to retrieve text from an Instagram post that has been removed?  It isn’t easy.

That “week” mentioned in the original post has come and gone and while there was never a direct reference to Wolverine, Jackman, or the X-Men flick, given the specs from the original sketches, it appears that this may be the finished product!


Considering the post showing off the original sketches was removed earlier today, we opted to simply get a screen shot here but if you want to hit the Instagram account and follow KikaNY, just in case there are any more X-Men hints, here is a link to this original post.

The fact that KikaNY removed the sketches this morning, right after the interwebs went wild about the news, lends some credibility to this information but, as with anything you read online, take this one with a grain of salt on an egg white omelet.

No one knows exactly what Wolverine would be doing in Apocalypse but there are plenty of possibilities.  Wolvie ended up in a bit of an interesting spot by the time the credits for X-Men: Days of Future Past rolled and since the film (spoiler alert) reset the entire X-Men continuity, the path that he takes may not be the path that audiences have already seen him take.  In addition, rumors that the final Wolverine flick will adapt the Old Man Logan storyline lend themselves to the possibility that Apocalypse will end with many of the X-Men destroyed, possibly at Wolverine’s hands.  If Old Man Logan is truly the direction the films are heading, this may be the perfect segue. Then again, perhaps Wolverine 3 will begin with this slaughter, and lead into a more villain centric film in which Logan can finally go full beserker.  Only time will tell but, in the meanwhile, let’s hope we actually get to see Jackman pick up Death’s mantle in Apocalypse.


Did you ever doubt that Wolverine would appear in Apocalypse? With Jackman’s run with the role coming to an end, who would you like to see wear the claws next?


Source: X-Men Films

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