Do you live in the Boston or New England area? Are you looking for something to do this upcoming weekend (June 27th thru 28th)? How about a convention, conventions are good.

Anytime nerds can congregate together to share their interests, attend fun and interesting panels, get close to their favorite celebrities & cosplayers, peruse a convention floor and perhaps acquire some nerdful goods…. it’s always a wonderful thing. So with that, comes an all new convention to the New England (Worcester, MA to be specific) area with MASSive Comic Con.  

Happening June 27th-28th at the DCU Center in Worcester MA, MCC is bringing celebrity guests, renowned artists, writers, cosplayers and an entire floor of vendors and retailers. You can head on over to their website www.massivecomiccon.com for the full listings, but here’s a snippet of some of the guests and events happening; including Nerd Bastards involvement in a very special Never Ending Story Q&A/ Movie Screening:



Sean Astin – Actor The Goonies, Lord of The Rings

Aaron Ashmore – Actor; Smallville, Killjoys

Noah Hathaway – Actor; The Never Ending Story, Battlestar Galactica 

Tami Stronach – Actress; The Never Ending Story

Jim Cummings – Voice actor; Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck

Jess Harnell – Voice actor; Animaniacs, Transformers

Rob Paulsen – Voice actor; Animaniacs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Richard Hatch – Actor; Battlestar Galactica

Joanna Cassidy – Actor; Blade Runner

Dante Basco – Actor/Voice Actor; Hook, Avatar

And Many MORE!!!


Bill Anderson – Artist; Silver Surfer, Justice League of America

Nate Bellegarde – Artist; Nowhere Men, Brit

Jim Calafiore – Artist/Writer; Red Lanterns, Secret Six

Keith ChampagneArtist; The Mighty, JSA

Agness Garbowska Artist My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls

Matthew FletcherArtist; Shakespear Shaken Anthology

Shelli ParolineArtist; Adventure Time, The Midas Flesh

Ken LashleyArist; Suicide Squad, Wetworks

Tom NguyenArtist; Batman, Green Lantern

Chris Kipiniak – Writer; MonkeyBrain Comic

Mike Raicht – Writer; Stuff of Legend, Wild Blue Yonder

And Many MORE!!!




Bethany Maddock

Destiny Nickelsen

Jennifer Rose




MASSive Comic Con will be holding a few special movie screenings with celebrity guests and Q&A Sessions; as well as Cosplay Contest, a  Guardians of the Galaxy themed after party, and more!

The Goonies 30th Anniversary Screening W/ Sean Astin (Click HERE for more info)

Blade Runner screening W/ Joanna Cassidy (Click HERE for more info)


The NeverEnding Story screening W/ Noah Hathaway and Tami Stronach

Nerd Bastards own Luke Gallagher (that’s me) will be moderating the Q&A with Noah and Tami ahead of the NeverEnding Story screening. Neither Noah nor Tami have seen or spoken to each other since they were filming The NeverEnding Story 32 years ago. We’ll be connecting these two together on stage together for the very first time in 3 decades, and talk about their memories shooting The NeverEnding Story. This event will take place Saturday, June 27th, 11pm at Mechanics Hall 


With such big conventions such as PAX East, Anime Boston, Super Megafest, and Boston Comic Con – MASSive Comic Con is another event to enjoy; as well as to watch grow and expand for years to come.

Boston is known for its sports and championships (we’re called “Title Town” for a reason), but it’s a joy to see that nerds and pop culture is taking over – making Boston a convention town.




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