Chuck Palahniuk Reads His Latest Book “Fight Club 4 Kids”


Chuck Palahniuk has written some seriously twisted books over the years. I’ve read Fight Club, Choke, and Invisible Monsters. The thought of him writing a children’s book is simply… horrifying. I have to admit though that while horrifying it is also, at the same time undeniably intriguing. So when I saw this video of Palahniuk reading Fight Club 4 Kids I knew I’d be watching it as fast as I could click the mouse. This is some seriously twisted and wonderful humor.fight-club-edward-norton-147695_1024_768

Remember that scene in his boss’s office when he fights himself and blames it on his boss? Classic Fight Club scene that I was hoping might make the cut in the Fight Club 4 Kids book. The little boy with no name wants his grade changed and decides to “talk” it over with his teacher in private…

Well, we didn’t get that, but we do get this great video of Palahniuk reading and perhaps going off script a bit…

I’m looking forward to his next book targeted at his aging fan-base:

Geriatric Fight Club

You don’t have to worry about losing any teeth because those are in the glass beside the bed anyways.

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