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There’s no question about it anymore: nostalgia sells.  Things that make people reminisce about their younger days have been absolutely killing it for the entertainment industry as of late.  A look at any TV station’s lineup will likely reveal a show or two being re-booted, re-imagined, or spun-off from an earlier series; some of the biggest draws in the music world are bands that have gotten back together for a new album or a “reunion” tour; and of course, big-budget films love to take existing storylines or universes and live in those worlds some more.  On the latter front: it seemed almost inevitable, and now it’s official: Jurassic World has become the fastest movie in history to reach the $1 billion plateau. 

After it’s monster opening weekend haul of $208.8 million that narrowly edged Marvel’s The Avengers ($207.4 million) as the biggest opening-weekend take in move history, Chris Pratt and his dinosaur crew wasted no time in breaking the “big B” mark, needing only 13 days to do so.  Earlier this Spring, Furious 7 became the speed-record title holder after earning $1 billion in 17 short days, dethroning then-champ Marvel’s The Avengers, who hit big in 2012 after 19 days.

It’s interesting to note that Furious 7 is, like Jurassic World a Universal Pictures movie, so it goes without saying that the company is already having a heck of a year (but I went ahead and said it anyhow).  If Universal’s next major release – July’s Minions – can break the $1 billion ceiling, no matter how long it takes (the last movie in the series, Despicable Me 2, came in just short in it’s theatrical run at $970 million), that would easily qualify the entertainment powerhouse for the totally-real title of Best Year Ever.

For film history purists out there that might cry foul about how easy it is for films to make more money these days because of inflated prices of tickets: well… it’s hard for me to argue with you about that, actually.  I recommend taking a look at a few sites that have attempted to adjust all-time movie box office figures for inflation, including this article at Wikipedia, as it’s a very interesting list!

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