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Ever since Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has been tasked with proving to investors that the Wii U isn’t doomed to be a colossal failure, there has been much change under the Big N’s roof. A new Club Nintendo, a partnership with Japanese giant DeNA for mobile games, and even allowing a couple of their characters into Activision’s hit Skylanders series. Beyond that, the Nintendudes have been hinting at even more 3rd party partnerships and licensing deals. In light of that, the rumor mill recently began spinning a tale about Nintendo partnering with a certain magic kingdom for future projects.

This magical kingdom is none other than Disney, who are no strangers to the world of video games. Allegedly, this new partnership could include Disney using Nintendo’s famous characters like Mario in a feature film, perhaps similar to what was seen with other proeprties in the fantastic Wreck-it-Ralph. Additionally, Disney wants to see Mario and Mickey Mouse share a game or two, though Nintendo apparently asked that they be able to “set the tone” of whatever game that may end up being.

Disney Characters

 Given the phenomenal success of Nintendo’s toys-to-life Amiibo brand and Disney Infinity, it would be reasonable to assume that such a partnership would see significant crossover there as well, though that may prove to be a conflict of interest with Activision. I also happen to think that Nintendo’s characters would fit right in at Disney’s amusement parks, so this partnership really holds nothing but potential.
It’s said to have been in the cards for years now, but perhaps they’re finally starting to get serious about it given Nintendo’s need to turn their ship around. I see it as nothing but a good thing myself, and trust them to make the right decisions for both their brands and we consumers.
The possibilities from such a partnership are immense to say the least, but what do you think? Would Nintendo and Disney make beautiful children together? Are they making a huge mistake by getting into bed together? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section below.

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