If you weren’t already aware, Marvel‘s latest movie Ant-Man has had some issues during pre-production when the first director Edgar Wright left over creative differences. Throw in the uncertainty a lot of Marvel fans have over a movie about Ant-Man and you’ve got an Internet cocktail that surpasses all the worries fans and many studio executives had about James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Now we all know how that turned out, but can director Peyton Reed do the same or better with Ant-Man?

payton reded

Eric Eisenberg of Cinemablend got to attend an on set visit where he talked with Reed about those very issues.

I really like the idea that anybody walking into the movie theater lobby could see a poster for Ant-Man where it’s going to be Paul riding an ant or whatever, and think, ‘Well, that looks ridiculous. How is Ant-Man going to be cool?’ This movie is answering in a very definitive way how it can be cool.

Does Reed feel like an underdog after his last-minute replacement of Edgar Wright?

As a filmmaker, you maybe tend to only get one chance to be an underdog, like maybe your first movie – and it either does well or it doesn’t, and then you don’t have that position anymore.

Which of Ant-man’s powers was the most interesting for Reed?

The controlling of the ants is the weirder power, and the one I’m more into in a weird way, because you have this sort of freedom to create these situations with this army of ants and to see how something so small can be mobilized.

I think that power, along with the humor of Paul Rudd will be the saving grace of Ant-Man. The shrunk scenes we’ve seen so far look fantastic and I can’t believe that there aren’t more of the same coming when we get a look at the entire movie.

Ant-Man hits theaters soon on July 17th. I know where I’ll be that opening weekend… how about you?

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