With sometimes sneaky appearances in three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and counting, it’s only a matter of time until Thanos’ plan to seize the Infinity Gems and their power come to fruition, and that time is the release of Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 in May 2018. The assumption has been that in terms of villainy, although he may have his lackies like the dear departed Other, Thanos is a one-man band, but there’s a rumor out this morning that the Mad Titan may be getting an assist from another big bad in his quest for the Infinity Gems. Hint: the villain in question is connected, deeply connected, to a Marvel cosmic hero that’s been often discussed in relation to the Infinity Gauntlet, Adam Warlock.


According to a website called Acting Auditions, which may or may not be a reputable source for this kind of news, Marvel is sending out a casting call for Magus. “Adam Warlock’s bad side, the Magus, separates from his body and assembles the Infinity Gauntlet,” the site says describing the part. “Magus creates doppelgangers of Earth’s heroes as part of his plan to recreate a universe of evil.”

I see. Well, considering the unlikelihood that Marvel Studios is casting a movie that’s at least a year and half away from the start of production, especially as the creative team for that movie is actually in production on another film, it would be easy to write this off as false. That’s not to say that the author didn’t do his homework though. In the comic book sequel to the Infinity Gauntlet event miniseries, called oddly enough Infinity War, Magus is separated from Warlock after Warlock used the Infinity Gauntlet to undo all of Thanos’ evil deeds. Magus then creates monstrous doppelgangers of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men, et al to capture the Infinity Gems for himself.

For example.

For example.

There’s also the small matter of fact that Adam Warlock himself has yet to be introduced to the MCU in anything more than an Easter egg in the Collector’s collection in Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy. He has been rumored to be one of the new characters to be introduced in the GOTG sequel, but will that be a good enough way to establish the character before having such an essential and potentially confusing role in what’s sure to be the very busy Avengers: Infinity War Part 1? For now let’s throw this with confidence on the rumor pile.

Next up for Marvel Studios is Ant-Man on July 17. Captain America: Civil War is now shooting for a May 6, 2016 release. And Avengers: Infinity War will be released on two parts in May 2018 and May 2019.

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