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J.K. Rowling took to the Twitterverse today to announce a brand new Harry Potter… play. That’s right, the boy who wouldn’t die will be trodding the boards on a West End stage in a brand new play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Unconfirmed word around the Internet is that this will be set in the early years of Harry Potter.

Here’s how the announcement went:

Rowling then put out these new details:

Interesting, so Rowling didn’t write the play, but did help develop the story. Rowling then wraps it up, mainly because everyone is flooding her twitter feed with questions.

Word is that the play will debut at London’s Palace Theater in 2016. There should be word on ticket sales in a month. We should start hearing some casting news in the next couple of months as the production gears up for 2016.

Some are saying that the play will feature a look at Harry’s parents, although Rowling is insistent that this is not a prequel. Could this be a play about Harry’s first-born? We’ll know soon, because some Harry Potter fan will find out and blast it all over social media.

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