It appears that our great disappointment over the misinformation about The Legend of Zelda’s Netflix series may soon be put to rest with a possible new project. During Nintendo‘s 75th annual shareholder’s meeting, where all of the top Nintendogs try to convince their investors that they’re still awesome, CEO Satoru Iwata dropped some intriguing nuggets about the company’s non-gaming future. This could indeed be another sign of the Disney-Nintendo partnership rumor we recently reported here, lending credence to the story. No full translation of the meeting is available for our greedy eyes just yet, but Iwata was still quoted confirming those plans. 

Thanks to a reliable Twitter translator by the name of Cheesemeister3K, Iwata was quoted saying that Nintendo is “continuing with film adaptations and merchandising to increase mind-share of IP”

Given this information, it seems that all of the rumors surrounding Nintendo’s future in the film business have more weight than previously thought. As long as they can avoid a disaster like the Super Mario Bros. film, some of their properties, Metroid in particular, could make for excellent live-action feature films. More light-hearted fare like Mario would make for fun animated movies as well, so there is no reason not to pursue these projects with the right partners. Like, you know… Disney!

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