After a slew of production delays, Star Trek 3 (tentatively titled Star Trek Beyond) has officially started filming, but Paramount Pictures is looking even farther ahead than that. They’ve reportedly signed Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto to reprise their leading roles as Kirk and Spock, respectively, for the 4th installment of the sci-fi franchise. These deals aren’t a guarantee for a fourth movie, though; Paramount will see how Star Trek 3 fares in theaters first before any concrete plans come into play.

Some pretty hefty pay raises were most prominently at play in behind getting everyone back on board for the next films. Chris Pine, similarly to Zoe Saldana, was a relatively unknown name at the time of the first Star Trek film in 2009; both actors have since gone on to massive successes as leads in other projects. Luckily, Star Trek Beyond’s budget has grown to accommodate the core cast members’ growing celebrity status, and salary adjustments were made.

It could be argued, however, that Pine and Quinto’s reprisals were the most essential. Kirk and Spock’s relationship is the basis around these films, and Quinto confirmed it with this quote to Hitflix during promotion for Into The Darkness:

“The history of these two characters and the dynamic between this duo is legendary… It’s sort of the heart of the franchise.”

Paramount has also started looking to the Star Trek fandom for ideas on bringing Star Trek back to television. This, paired with the news of a tangible Star Trek 4, make it a fairly safe assumption that we’ll be seeing these iconic faces in these iconic roles for quite some time!

Star Trek 3 hits theaters July 8, 2016.

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