Last week on Hannibal, Will Graham continued his journey into the mind of his nemesis by traveling to Hannibal’s place of origin – his old family estate. While there, he discovered a few interesting things, including the fact that Hannibal may have started his dining eccentricities with his sister as the main course. But another was blamed and a “friend” of Hannibal’s – Chiyoh – was assigned to guard said person as they were locked away in the estate’s dungeon. Eventually, Will managed to turn the tables and recruit Chiyoh as an ally. Aside from that, Jack Crawford showed up once more and he’s out looking for Will and Hannibal has, with the help of Bedelia, decided that the only way to get over Will is to eat him. This week, the gang’s all back as Hannibal’s former victims gather together, some seeking revenge and others seeking less violent resolutions. Will they be successful? Read on to find out.

We begin with the return of Doctor Frederick Chilton. He once thought that he could make a name for himself by using Will, along with Gideon and, eventually, Hannibal. But some bad calculations left him with a bullet in his face and now he’s back to get a little revenge. In order to get that revenge, he has a chat with Mason Verger, another victim of Hannibal, albeit one who seemingly lost much more than Chilton did. In fact, Mason has a huge pile of money waiting for whoever can bring Hannibal to him so that he can have his enemy eaten alive.


Back with Will, we return to his past, to a time when he was still recovering from the wounds his “friend” had left him with. We get a brief look at Will’s life during that time, nearly eight months before season three of Hannibal started. We see an encounter with Alana Bloom, who survived her fall from the window. We also see the contrast between how Will was dealing with the aftermath of Hannibal’s attack versus how Jack Crawford was dealing with it. Will even admits to having called Hannibal to warn him when the police were coming his way.

So Alana is back – but to what end? After talking with Will and with Chilton, she finally makes her way to Mason’s house. There, she and the scarred pedophile have a little chat. Alana doesn’t seem to care much about Mason’s proclivities anymore. In fact, she’s very much onboard when Mason mentions that he wants to go after Hannibal. So onboard that she actually offers to help him. She shares what she knows and gives Mason some clues as to the best ways to track Hannibal. Alana is walking a dark path now and revenge seems to be the only thing on her mind.


We then return to Jack at the moment of his near-death. He managed to survive, of course, though he has his own problems to deal with, post-Hannibal. His wife is still dying of cancer and, eventually, she succumbs. But that’s okay, in the long run. For Jack has already been paid a visit by Chilton and the doctor has been suggesting that Jack follow Will around. Not only for Will’s sake, but because such a chase will inevitably lead to Hannibal.

All-in-all, this episode presented a strange and almost incestuous mixing of all of Hannibal’s secondary characters. Each and every one of them wants some sort of resolution. From revenge to personal fame to saving a soul, each has a reason to find Hannibal and put an end to the dance once and for all.

Jack Funeral

I was happy that this week steered away from the intentionally metaphorical dialogue that permeated last week’s installment. Things felt more natural, which helped lend to an organic atmosphere. And though it has come later in the season, the exploration of the damage done to all of Hannibal’s victims is a welcome revelation. Whether that damage was to the body or to the mind (or both), we now know how the survivors of Hannibal’s game react. And when they are intelligent and powerful people, we see the potential chaos they can bring to our favorite doctor’s life. To make things worse for Hannibal, they all seem to want to work together to find him. Some are working openly while others are using manipulation, but the end result is a small army of Hannibal-haters, most of whom are hoping for some sort of terrible fate to befall him.

Another great point is the darkening of Alana Bloom’s character. She’s no longer the woman we knew in the first two seasons. Her mind has gone dark and if getting back at Hannibal means that he has to suffer immensely, then so be it. Hell, she’s even working with Mason, that steaming pile of shit. This new attitude has me excited about where the show will be taking Alana’s character during the remainder of the season.


This week was perhaps not the most exciting of episodes to watch, but it was one that delved deep into the inner workings of the various characters’ minds. We finally see what’s boiling beneath the surface and what Hannibal will be forced to deal with as the season unfolds. Hannibal may be one of the smartest and most devious people to ever walk the fictional planet, but when a half-dozen intelligent minds all gather together to achieve one end, even he may not be enough to withstand their onslaught.

Next week, ‘Contorno’ looks to be advancing the anti-Hannibal army’s agenda even further and, if the preview can be trusted, Jack may end up having his chance at revenge first. Check out the trailer below:

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