Tyrese Gibson is an interesting person.  While no one would ever believe that he could earn an Oscar, there is no doubt that the Fast & Furious star is a welcome addition to any movie he boards.  His particular brand of humor is often a welcome break in otherwise serious movies and there is no doubt that the man oozes charm and charisma.  Plus, he’s pretty easy on the eyes, to boot, which may have more than one fan following him for a bit more than just his philosophies on life.  A while back, an online campaign to place the actor into the role of Green Lantern John Stewart began and if his recent comments to ET are any indication, it appears that the internet may have just gotten their way again.

Tyrese has been doing his best to grab the role, as evidenced by some of his previous Instagram posts:

Go BIG or go home……. Going home is not an option #TheOath

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What’s next? The possibilities are endless……. #FastFamily turn #Superheroes #ComicBookAllStars A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

My message to the comic book fans….. I was at home loving my life and relaxing when some fan art like the one in this post popped up on my timeline I was like whoa….. That looks really cool…. So out of innocence I put it up…. And shouted out the artist who locked in the #FanArt it’s not about a “Black” superhero it’s about the superhero – check the resume folks! I don’t need to “campaign” for anything I took the Oath and Im ready to suit up as John Stewart IF it lands this way….. Great seeds have been planted at Warner Bros they know I’m very excited about the possibilities….. #Furious7 is coming #April3 and my last solo album #BlackRose is coming 7.7.15 ( my first single is #DumbShit ft Snoop Dogg VIDEO LINK IN MY BIO! you comic book purist have someone else in mind that you would like to see that’s fine….. Fans are fans and should campaign for WHO they believe is best for the role…. Would I hit this role out of the park.???? Are you kidding me… With flying colors…. For now Im gonna sit back and let this game play out… And when I post it’s not a “campaign” it’s me planting seed….. I’m almost at #5BillionInBoxOfficeRecieptsWorldWide I love playing in HUGE franchise movies I’ve never claimed to be the BIGGEST star…. I’m just me….. Again.. I’m innocent the John Stewart #FanMade post started this all….. I just wanted to take a few moments and clarify a few things!!! Sending love always…. I repeat… Always….#2020 #GreenLantern #TheOath #GreenLanternDreams A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

If that isn’t an active campaign, I don’t know what is.  Well, a couple of days back, Tyrese posted the following to his Instagram account, which indicates that big things may be on the horizon:

  Shit just got real – #doubleoath #doubletrouble #GreenLantern #WB #VoltronPictures   A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

Now, considering how tight lipped most actors suddenly become once they land a comic book role, there is a chance that this is simply wishful thinking on Tyrese’s part but he has confirmed in a roundabout way that, at the very least, he has been in contact with WB about taking on the role.

“There are certain things I can’t speak on but I will say, however this works out, it’s definitely the fans’ fault. I was at home minding my own business and fans start creating these fan-made videos of me as Green Lantern and I looked into it.”


If he already has information that he can’t speak on, that is a really good indication that the studios are keeping someone he loves captive and that providing a real response may result in subjecting that loved one to repeat viewings of Jack and Jill. Forever.  So, cool, Tyrese, we will just read between the lines.  Luckily, he had a few more lines to add.

“I’ve been a fan of the Green Lantern. I took the oath, and I had a meeting at Warner Bros. and certain things were said and talked about. We’ll just see what happens.”

Uh huh. Ok, getting warmer.

“Listen, these muscles are here and they’re ready to be used. There are lot of people, domestically and internationally, who’s got love with your boy.”

True, true, there are plenty that have love for the R&B singer turned actor.  After all, there is a reason that so many fan made offerings showing Tyrese in the role of John Stewart, whose comic book origins have him subbing in for Hal Jordan whenever he was called upon.  Some of them are pretty wonderful!  Take a look at just a few:




Man, there are some talented fans out there!

With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner and Warner Brothers expected to release their SDCC schedule any day now, the time is absolutely ripe to present fans with the future of the DCCU – The Justice League.  Many are expecting that DC will be bringing out the new team to introduce audiences to the superhero group, a la Marvel’s Avengers reveal  a few years back.  Whether or not this is the case is still to be seen but, for his part, Tyrese isn’t about to kill those rumors.

“You never know. I might be there on the other side of an announcement. You never know.”

In this case “never” may come sooner than later.

Are you ready to see John Stewart in action? How do you feel about Tyrese stepping into the role?


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