Clockwork Nazis with a portal to hell and ancient elven princes with grudges to bear and invincible mechanical soldiers couldn’t stop Hellboy. What made Hollywood think it had a chance of stopping the third film in his movie franchise from coming to life? Actor Ron Perlman, who portrays the jolly red giant, posted a photo to Instagram this weekend that gave a definite impression that Hellboy III was slowly coming together.

Perlman and director Guillermo del Toro have been working for years to get Hellboy III off the ground. In spite of critical and commercial success with the Hellboy II: The Golden Army, del Toro stated quite flatly in an interview last year that funding the movie would prove to be problematic, especially given the poor domestic returns at the box office for his masterpiece Pacific Rim.

Here’s what Ron Perlman posted on Instagram last night:

Lurking… Waiting… And then, poof… One more Roman numeral after the name… As if by magic………..

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Earlier this month, though, Perlman began a campaign on Twitter and Facebook, along with costars Doug Jones, Selma Blair, and Jeffrey Tambor, to drum up viral mojo for the foul-mouthed, bad-attitude demon with a heart of gold.

Anybody out there wanna see #HellboyIII as much as I do? Let’s get this muthafucka trending, y’all! Let’s end the trilogy; we earned it!

His initial tweet got (at last count) over 20,000 retweets and 15,000 likes. This weekend’s photo seems to fuel the fire of hope that Hellboy fans have been harboring for seven years that we may finally soon see the triumphant conclusion of the Hellboy trilogy on the big screen.

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