The International trailer for Greg Berlanti‘s CBS Supergirl series hit the Internet over the weekend. It is so much better than that first trailer, perhaps CBS has figured out how to actually market this new series, or at least not sabotage it with a hysterically bad music sound track. The pilot has already leaked so many of you have already seen it. Those that have not can click-through to check out the new trailer, which sets up the series in a much better way than the previous trailers.

Here’s the trailer, take a look and then let’s talk about that new information it slips in…

So they have introduced The Phantom Zone. The place Krypton sends it worst criminals. That could lead to some interesting villains from Krypton’s past.


So this time around Kara is sent to protect Kal-El but winds up trapped in the Phantom Zone where time doesn’t exist for 20 odd years, which explains why Superman is now older than Kara. There’s a lot that can be done with the Phantom Zone. My hope is that eventually Supergirl will travel forward in time to join the Legion of Superheroes, or at least have some of them come back to meet her and perhaps capture a wayward villain.

What do you think of the series so far, does it have a chance to capture an audience and additional seasons?

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