This is another story about why it seems like Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment don’t seem to be entirely sure that they know what they’re doing so far as movies based on DC Comics characters are concerned. Today’s installment of “What are they thinking?” brings us back to the subject of Justice League Dark, the proposed adaptation of DC’s premier supernatural super-team by fan favorite filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the project, and now we can reveal why: it’s over. Well, at least for del Toro. In other news, Warners is doing some shuffling, certain comic book projects will be fronted by them, and others will be fronted by New Line. You know, the pressing stuff.

In an article posted to The Hollywood Reporter, the Time Warner plan is to file all Vertigo derived titles like the upcoming Sandman adaptation by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will be released under the New Line Cinemas label. Anything Justice League related – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash for example – will be Warner Bros. Exceptions will be made, of course. The Shazam! movie starring Dwayne Johnson will remain at New Line, and Justice League Dark, despite being stacked with Vertigo characters, will remain a Warner Bros. joint.

Speaking of JL Dark, it seems that that project will be moving on without del Toro who himself is busy prepping his haunted house drama Crimson Peak, a new season of The Strain, and a sequel to Pacific Rim. Although a super-team made up of John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Frankenstein and Swamp Thing is right up del Toro’s alley, the director is either too busy to take this on, or his version doesn’t mesh with Warner Bros. vision. Both very plausible possibilities.

What effect this organizational shifting will have on projects already in the pipe is unknown. Ultimately, the money all comes from the same source anyway since Warner Bros. and New Line are both subsidiaries of Time Warner. Presumably, the Vertigo films represent lower budget efforts than the likes of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, which could be the point of this shuffle, but like I said, all the money comes from the same place. So what the heck? Exactly.

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