Yesterday director Paul Feig tweeted out the first look at the new Ghostbusters Reboot/Re-imagining uniforms. Today he’s keeping the momentum going with a first look at the Proton Packs. Cosplayers across the globe will be scrambling to put together this new version of a fan favorite for their next convention. So check out the new Proton Pack look and let us know what you think about it.

Here’s the new uniforms:


Now take a look at the new Proton Packs that Feig tweeted out this morning:

Hmm, what do you think of those? Here’s the original for comparison:


Now a little side by side action:


Damn, I wouldn’t have wanted the job of updating the Ghostbusters Proton Pack, it almost seems sacrilegious to even consider messing with such a classic. I guess someone had to though, and I have to admit, I am warning up to it.

What about you?

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