Every month, Power-Up Box sends you a mystery box filled with geek essentials: collectibles, t-shirts, treats and more. From price, to quick shipping, to geek approved contents, Power-Up Box will have you singing swiggity swooty I’m coming for that booty (as in pirate’s booty, aka loot, aka treasure).

We’ve been telling you about this service for a few months now (See April and May boxes), and here we are again. Power-Up Box was kind another to send us their June box. Head on after the jump to get a reveal at what mystery items lay hidden enclosed, and decide on whether this monthly subscription service is for you. 

Here’s what the box of mystery (For June) contained:

Rocket Racoon Dorbz Vinyl Figure – Value $12.00
Marvel Groot #1 – Value $2-3
Monopoly T-shirts –  Value $10-15 each
NECA Scaler Potted Groot – Value $5
Nean Boozled Jelly Beans – Value $4
DeadWorld Orange Roamer Soda – Value ?

With geek-box subscription services like this, there’s never going to be a selection of items that pleases everyone. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. For example, some people hate those pink nougat chocolates, other people love em’ (I choose not to socialize with those people). The chocolate analogy not only applies here, but now you find yourself having a sudden urge to eat some chocolate.

Power-Up Box will have items that will make you shout “YES!” where other items give you a resounding “meh”. Now, having said that, whoever thought it was a good idea to include not one, but TWO Monopoly themed shirts needs to suffer the pain of walking barefoot across a floor riddled monopoly game pieces. Or maybe just eat the gag Bean Boozled Jelly Beans and choke on a vomit flavored Jelly Bean (which, by the way, is Power-Up Box best snack item so far). Rolling out those shirts made me change from elated anticipation to complete deflated disappointment – like being told you can open ONE gift the night before Christmas and have the horrible misfortune of opening up a pack of socks. Only a sip of that tasty Zombie soda, and the surcharge of sugar, did my mood and reception change.

Everything else in the bundle was fairly satisfactory, with the Rocket Racoon figure and Groot Scaler being the real prizes. Glad to see Power-Up box included a #1 issue for its comic book selection this time. There last box editions contained issue #2 for both Star Wars and Spider-Gwen – which was like “Um, thanks… now I gotta go to the comic shop and buy the first issue”.

Like with any subscription box service, its a great way of getting items that you might not otherwise buy yourself outright. And, if you get a few items that you don’t like, then you you re-gift them to friends or family. I’m sure most people have an older Aunt that likes Monopoly more than any adult should, and will be overjoyed when you pawn these Monopoly shirts off. Or, you have some fun with those Jelly Beans, put em’ in a bowl, and watch unsuspecting victims get a sour disgusted look on their face when they eat anyone of those ill flavored beans. Much hilarity. Such funny.

The point is, it’s always worth it. Whether you become a regular customer, or just buy one box for yourself, or as a gift for someone special in your life, this product is a no-brainer. It’s almost guaranteed that you will make somebody’s day brighter with a Power Up Box, including yourself.

Also, what sets Power-Up Box apart from its competitors, is that they provide you two swag box options – a monthly subscription of $25.45 or $16.95 containing 6-9 items or 4-6 respectively. So you got options.

Power-Up Box… now you’re buying with POWER!

Treat. Yo. Self. Head on over to Power-Up Box and get start your subscription today. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and best yet – use Coupon Code “NerdBastards” and you’ll get %10 OFF your first month of either the Premium or Deluxe box.

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