Granted, there have been a lot of concerns about Ant-Man, from the sudden departure of Edgar Wright from the production mere weeks before it was supposed to begin, to the somewhat underwhelming response to the initial trailers. All signs pointed to Ant-Man fumbling Marvel Studios‘ string of recent successes, but there was hope and faith that Marvel could pull out a win, and the response so from those that have seen Ant-Man has been, for the most part, fairly positive. Amongst the fans of the new Marvel superhero is James Gunn, he who directed the studio’s last outside the box hit, Guardians of the Galaxy. So obviously he would know, right? More than that, Gunn was very enthusiastic about where Ant-Man will end up in the annals of Marvel movie lore.

Gunn was many of the luminaries and celebrities that took part in the Los Angeles premiere of Ant-Man earlier this week. Being an enthusiastic social mediaist, Gunn shared his impressions with his Facebook friends, and his reaction was ebullient (to say the least).

Ant-Man may just be my favorite Marvel film since Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (well, maybe excluding one film to which I’m partial). Honestly, the movie is a complete blast! I was so happy after seeing it. It’s never boring for a second and it’s hilarious and warm throughout. […] It’s a part of the Marvel universe without being ruled by that fact.

Wow. Gunn’s favorite since Iron Man. That’s no mere idle praise indeed. Of course, Gunn knows from quality, and his message was collegial to not only to the man who ended up making the movie, Peyton Reed, but the man who spent the better part of a decade trying to get it made in the first place, Mr. Wright.

I think all of Peyton Reed’s years directing have led him to making something as deft and nimble and joyous as this; he did an incredible job. And, despite Edgar Wright’s parting from Marvel, his spirit is felt through the entire project, and there is no doubt everyone owes him a huge debt of gratitude

No doubt. And just like Gunn’s own Guardians, the buzz regard Ant-Man has followed pretty much the same curve: from excitement, to skepticism, to doomsaying, back to skepticism, then cautiously optimistic and then hearty endorsement. Everybody’s hoping that Ant-Man will turn out to be the best it can possibly be, and from the look and sound of it, this new Marvel hero seems likely to make a wonderful impression. Fans, of course, will be the final judges.

Ant-Man is in theaters everywhere on July 17; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will bow May 5, 2017.

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