As we get ready to see if Ant-Man ends up sinking or swimming at the box office, thus impeding (somewhat) or accelerating the gradual Marvel Studios takeover of Hollywood, we take some time to consider other questions. For instance, is there a real Mandarin? We all know that the door’s been left open, which is good because a lot of people are still sore about how the character was treated in Iron Man 3. In other important things to considerate, fans are still smarting over the seemingly one-sided relationship between Marvel’s movies and its TV series. It’s a shared universe, but only the TV side seems capable of sharing. What’s the deal? Fortunately, Marvel head Kevin Feige is available to explain it all, or at least offer insight.

In an interview with io9, Feige addressed both those concerns directly, as well as a rumor about a certain green character’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War. The first question concerns the lingering sore of the Mandarin reveal in Iron Man 3, and while its true that Ben Kingsley‘s character was an impostor, the Marvel one-shot “All Hail the King” opened the door to the possibility that there’s a real Mandarin out there. With the rumor mill churning that a character from Ant-Man has a Ten Rings connection, is the reveal of the Mandarin close at hand?

“I guess anything is possible but that’s not necessarily what we were currently thinking,” Feige said coyly. “But now that you said it…”

Okay, so that wasn’t direct. How about another pet peeve of Marvel fans? The possibility that a character from one of the Marvel TV shows, possibly Daredevil, will turn up in a Marvel movie.

“As those [shows] come out, as those get into the culture I think they’re, just like what happens in the movies, tools in the toolbox for some of those shows,” Feige explained. “And what happens on those shows could be tools in the tool box of the movies. I think that’ll happen at some point.”

In one final bit of informational clearing of the air, Feige addressed the rumor of the Hulk’s possible appearance in Civil War. We say “rumor” because the possibility was raised by Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, and his source was Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Feige’s response is that Civil War will be Hulk-less, but he did leave the door open a tad. “[Hulk] is not a primary part of Civil War,” he said. “He may not be a part at all.”

“Certainly at the end of Civil War it’s a whole new ball game,” Feige teased. “What’s fun about Civil War though is, as you know from the comics, it’s a very simple story. And it really has to be, to accommodate that many players. It’s very much a Captain America movie and it’s very much a sequel to the Winter Soldier in ways I don’t think people [will expect]…. It’s a very simple structure that allows you to have these amazing character interactions in a way that I don’t think becomes overwhelming. And it’s very much is a kick off to Phase 3 because it sets the dynamic for everything that follows.”

Ant-Man will be in theaters everywhere on July 17; Civil War will be in theaters May 6, 2016.

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