Ant-Man hasn’t been released yet, but the sudden upswing in the tenor and quality of the hype surrounding it has got people thinking, what about Ant-Man 2? Of course, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios‘ last surprising-but-not-surprising original hit, was approved for a sequel before it opened, and though Marvel may be locked in with release dates through to 2019, like Spider-Man proved, schedules can be changed if you give the studio a reason. Peyton Reed, director of Ant-Man, is hoping that he can make a case for another Marvel film, one that will deal exclusively with the background of one of Ant-Man’s main characters, who, in his comic book life, was one of the founding members of The Avengers, Hank Pym.

Pym, played by Michael Douglas in the movie Ant-Man, serves as mentor to the new, young, more sarcastic Ant-Man Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd. According to Reed (via, he’d love to do an Ant-Man prequel that would chronicle the early adventures of Pym as Ant-Man back in the day. Apparently, Ant-Man will deal with this past to a degree, if you checkout the Ant-Man IMDb page you’ll note that both Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark (John Slattery) are set to apear. But a whole Pym movie? Reed is down if Marvel is.

“Listen, if we were lucky enough to be able to do a sequel or a prequel, I’d be way into it. I’ve really fallen in love with these characters. I was always in love with the characters in the comic book world, but there’s a lot of story to tell with Hank Pym.”

That would fit with Reed’s previous statement about loving Marvel of the 70s and 80s, presumably the time period in which a Hank Pym movie would be set. And as the first season of Agent Carter proved, Marvel is not above doing prequels, and actually doing them rather successfully. But will Marvel be interested in allowing Reed call the shots on a classic Ant-Man movie? Look more the all mighty dollar to be the decider on this one. If Ant-Man does Guardians of the Galaxy business, Marvel will undoubtedly be presuaded to get more insect action out of Reed and its new successful superhero franchise.

Ant-Man opens in theaters everywhere July 17.

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