If you’ve attended the San Diego Comic Con these last few years, you may have been on the hunt for celebrities dressed in costume trying to inconspicuously walk the convention floor.  If you’re attending the show this year, however, you may want to be on a different kind of scavenger hunt altogether: for one-of-a-kind pieces of art drawn by the creator of Deadpool himself, Rob Liefeld!

Liefeld recently announced that, at various points throughout the convention, he’ll be stashing two dozen original pieces of artwork somewhere in the convention center and surrounding areas.  Directly from Liefeld himself:

I’m celebrating the big, huge 24th year that Deadpool is having by hiding 24 Deadpool drawings in all shapes and sizes all over the greater comic con staging area.  This extends from the convention center to the Gaslamp and surrounding restaurants. Also at the various parties I’ll be attending. I want to give something back to the tremendous fan following Deadpool has had since I introduced him in the pages of New Mutants #98!

It sounds like Liefeld will be giving out hints (or possibly even direct location info) via his Twitter and Instagram feeds, so if you’re in attendance at SDCC this year, it can’t hurt to follow the fellow and see if you can’t score yourself some custom art from one of the greats!

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