There are comedians and then there are comedic geniuses.  Comedians can make us laugh with a slight expression or even with the silliest of jokes.  Other comedians choose to take things to the limit and appear more than a bit manic on stage, and that excitement is contagious, spreading throughout the audience until even the sternest of critics has a stitch in their side.  These comedians feed on the energy that the audience throws back and the better that energy, the better the set.  Then, you have comedic geniuses.  These wonderful people push the boundaries of comedy, testing the limits, oftentimes with only their own humor in mind.  These pioneers aren’t concerned with audiences or even approval – they simply do what is funny to them, damn the consequences.  Stephen Colbert has just been promoted from “comedian” to “comedic genius”, thanks to a recent appearance on a local public access station.


Only in Monroe is a small talk show program that focuses on the county, not just the town (according to the regular hosts), of Monroe, MI.  Even using the word “small” may make the show sound a bit more grand than it is.  The series consists of two hosts and a skeleton crew of three volunteers and, on a normal day, there is no doubt that things stay a bit quiet. Actually, on this day, the day that Stephen Colbert decided to take over Morning in Monroe, not much has changed.  Colbert takes on the series with no audience, laugh track, or even music, just like a Regular Joe, trying to make his way into the local entertainment industry.  Well, there is one small exception here.  Colbert uses this time as an opportunity to prank an unsuspecting Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, something that most local public access series’ would never have a chance to do.  If you have the time (the entire episode is a whopping 41 mins and 25 seconds of hilarity), the entire video is worth a watch!  If you are looking specifically for the Eminem piece, you’ll want to start at the 21:56 mark. Take a look:

Now, is it possible that Marshall is in on the joke? Sure, it’s possible, but if so, he really needs to get back to acting so he can win that Oscar.

Stephen Colbert is one of those funny people that truly hits the mark with every arrow he fires. There may be plenty of other comedians out there trying to push the limits of what is considered funny but not many are nearly as successful as Colbert’s stunt here (A Deadly Adoption, anyone?).

Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman in the upcoming season of The Late Show and there is no doubt he will keep bringing the funny.

Do you think Eminem was in on the joke? What is your favorite comedic genius stunt?


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