With SDCC 2015 just days away, there are a lot of production stills making their Internet debut to begin to build some Internet chatter before the big SDCC 2015 Trailer/Panel/Clip dumps that will take over the Internet next week. Director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have been keeping Deadpool fans in the loop throughout production and the promise of a trailer or clip next week has Deadpool fans salivating. This time around there are two new stills making the Internet rounds.

The first image comes from EW and features Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand)


The second is from Empire: and features Deadpool admiring his own artwork while he waits for his target to pass under him.


SDCC 2015 should be big for Deadpool fans. I imagine that Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller will make some big splashes. Remember when Tom Hiddleston appeared in costume as Loki? I would put money on Ryan Reynolds donning the Deadpool suit at some point over the weekend, perhaps just walking the convention floor in it.

While you’re strolling around SDCC 2015 keep your eyes out for several Deadpool sketches that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld will be hiding around the event over the weekend.

If we see any footage from the film, which is 99% certain at this point, I am thinking it will be the bridge scene and perhaps a quick look at T.J. Miller‘s character. When it hits the Internet, we’ll bring it to you here.


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