In movie news that makes you say WTFDUDE, Sunn Classic Pictures continues to plod along in their efforts to reboot the 1983 movie telling of Stephen King‘s Cujo. The original was a tense thriller pitting Dee Wallace, who through the film becomes that strong female lead that everyone these days is looking for, against the terror of Cujo, a massive dog with Rabies turned vicious. Such a simple, yet powerful idea. Wanna know how they’re gonna screw it up?cujo-1

Let’s start with the obvious. The film is being retitled C.U.J.O. an acronym that means Canine Unit Joint Operations. So now Cujo is some kind of super military dog with special training or breeding, or genetic manipulation or some other nonsense. Maybe we’ll get a robot dog like this one:


I can just hear the suit in the meeting saying something like this, “That dog is like a terminator… hey yeah let’s make him a robot, or some special forces dog.” It’s enough to make you want to go all Scent of a Woman and take a flame thrower to the place.

Producer/director Lang Elliott is in charge behind the camera. If I am correct then his main claim to fame as a director is Tim Conway and Don Knotts The Private Eyes comedy in 1980 along with some B grade action flicks.

Throw in that DJ Perry (Ashes of Eden) is on board to star in the reboot doesn’t inspire much confidence. Word is that the screenplay is done, when we might get an actual synopsis or idea where that  awful new title might take Cujo is another matter.

Maybe we can get Billy to wish it into the cornfield…

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