The X-Files has told us repeatedly that the truth is out there, and now the first footage from the new series that will air on FOX is out there too. At the tail end of the trailer for FOX’s 201 Days of X-Files we get to see some brand spanking new footage from the 2016 X-Files Event series.

Let’s get right to it:

Yeah, I know, it isn’t much, but I can tell that what we did see isn’t what you really saw. You may think you saw Scully enter that room with gun drawn, but what it really means is….


While writing this post a group of black suited sun-glass wearing men suddenly burst in the front door and quickly cuffed my hands behind my back and stuck a smelly burlap bag over my head. After a short ride in an unmarked black van I found myself talking with a very insistent gentleman that said I had it all wrong. Now that I understand, I can tell you that it was exactly as you saw it in the trailer, nothing more, nothing less.

I’m back home now… is that lingering cigarette smoke I smell?

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