Rocketing across the Internet faster than Han could navigate the Kessel Run, an image that shows the entire Star Wars slate of upcoming films has been leaked online. It appears that a staffer/convention center employee working in Hall H snapped a picture while Lucasfilm was testing their SDCC 2015 presentation equipment.Here it is in all it’s glory:


This is the caption that came with it:

Just saw this floating around on imgur. Apparently a convention staffer managed to snap a pic of lucasfilm running some tech tests getting ready for Hall H at comic con

Now this could be some photo-shopped Internet nose tweek, but I am sure there are people looking into that now that know about such things. I do think that the dates of the films would be much bigger and not so hard to see. Here’s what Marvel did last year:


Note how easy it is to see the dates. and do you think Lucasfilm would so closely match the style of what Marvel did with theirs? I am leaning toward this being fake… BUT, if it’s legit, then what does it tell us?

Obi-Wan Kenobi will have a solo film – Kenobi: The Balance of the Force

The Han Solo movie will include Boba Fett – Fett/Solo Anthology

So the anthology will be a collection of Han Solo and Fett shorts, that perhaps intertwine to combine for a single film. Phil Lord and CHris Miller will be directing.

The other point to make if this is real, could this change the “No New Footage” announcement that J.J. Abrams made? If this leak steals the wind out of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Hall H presentation, might they bring something to recapture that big bang?

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