Pictured above is what you might have seen on a Sony Pictures tour, the original and much beloved Ghostbusters ECTO-1. Now that the movie is getting a Reboot/Re-imagining by director Paul Feig it was expected that there would be changes to the costumes, equipment, and yes, the ECTO-1. The new Proton Pack wasn’t very well received by long time fans last week, but that is nothing in comparison to the negative reaction Feig is getting from his latest tweet that included a first look at the new ECTO-1.

Here’s the tweet:

It got so bad that Feig had to answer this tweet:

No matter which side of the fence you come down on, there are a ton of people who love it and a ton that hate it and want to wish it into the cornfield. I’m not sold on the new movie, although I know I will see it when it comes out. How can I not?

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