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Like many of you out there, when Cameron Monaghan showed up during the first season of Gotham playing a character who was rumored to be a young version of The Joker, I was less than impressed. He had a few moments, but for the most part the origin story lacked any sort of bang. But it looks like the folks over at Gotham aren’t giving up on Monaghan quite yet. In fact, they’ve just released some set pics that show the (possible) young Clown Prince of Crime in Action. Scroll on to check them out.

Joker set 1

Joker set 2

Joker set 3

Joker set 4

Joker set 5

In addition to those, there was also this pic, sent out on Monaghan’s Instagram. He definitely looks a little more Joker-esque here, so he may indeed by the man that the Gotham folks are saying he is.

Gotham Joker

Personally, if I don’t see a little more crazy, I’m going to throw rocks at important people. A weird smile and a wicked laugh do not a Joker make, folks. So, Monaghan, step it up a notch. The first season of Gotham had some amazing portrayals of some of our favorite characters and now’s your chance to bring The Joker into the mix with fire and fury.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Any hope in Monaghan’s performance? Does he look the part? Was it even worth the time and effort to slam The Joker into Gotham so early in its run?


Source: Instagram, Just Jared

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