Well, everyone once in a while a rumor comes along and is actually confirmed to be true. I know, it’s like a Christmas miracle here in Internet land, but it IS true! The rumor this time around is that one revolving around Ben Affleck taking the reigns of a new solo Batman flick. And while one might normally expect news of this magnitude to be reserved for an SDCC panel this time of year, that’s not the case here. Scroll on for all the details.

The news comes to us via Deadline and, according to them, Ben Affleck will indeed be the man in charge of the Caped Crusader’s future. He’ll be directing and, naturally, starring in a new Batman film. But that’s not all! He’s also going to be working with Geoff Johns to create the new script. For those unaware of who Johns is, he’s a writer known for his work on The Flash, Arrow, Smallville and a ton of other DC projects, from comics to video games to animated features. So at least we know that Batfleck’s companion is well-vetted. Oh, and Johns is also in charge of the script for the upcoming Shazam! film.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on exactly when to expect to see the new Batman movie. Affleck has another film in the works right now and won’t likely sacrifice his own project just to keep the DC ball rolling, particularly when Warner Bros. has so many other projects going. All that is known is that the script is expected to be done by the end of this summer and that Affleck will focus his attention on it after completing his other flick.

So, Nerd Readers, now that it’s official… Good news or bad news? Do you have faith in Affleck’s directorial capabilities? Or will even the amazing talents of Geoff Johns prove incapable of saving this film from disaster?


Source: Deadline

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