Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are the premier purveyors of collectible display pieces and other high end desirables; praised for their extreme attention to detail throughout the entire production process, as well as their outstanding products.

When it comes to San Diego Comic Con, Sideshow / Hot Toys are the booth that prompts the most “ooh’s and aah’s” from convention goers. Their 1/6th scale figures, statues, and displays are always a sight to behold. This year is no different.

Below is a gallery and description of the latest breathtaking collectibles Sideshow / Hot Toys has brought to the table for this year. As always, your needs and wants will likely be at odds with your wallet. Unless, of course, you’re the child of some oil barren. In which case, will you be my friend? 




The newest and most jaw dropping items on display from Hot Toys / Sideshow were the 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon Cockpit along with an imperial TIE Fighter. They’re also celebrating Back to the Future in 2015 with new prototypes of the 1/6th scale Marty McFly and DeLorean Time.





The 1/6th scale Hulkbuster VS Hulk diorama is also on display, along with the newly revealed Maria Hill, and the entire team from Avengers: Age of Ultron. They also revealed their upcoming Ant-Man line by showcasing the 1/6th scale collectible, Cosbaby, and Artist Mix Figures Designed by TOUMA of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket.



Smaller scale Star Wars pieces include a 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise, Princess Leia, Return of the Jedi Boba Fett, and a 1/4th scale Stormtrooper.



There’s also new prototypes of the Shotgun (Mark XL) armor from Iron Man 3, the Endoskeleton from Terminator Genisys, the 1960s Batman, Leon Kennedy & Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6, and the new Raiden (Inferno Armor Version) from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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*UPDATE: as of 7/11/15 Sideshow just uploaded a video showcasing all the figures and collectibles above. Check it out:\

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