We’ve seen Jon Bernthal ‘s research runs to the local comic book store to bone up on his Punisher lore. Now there’s some pictures of his first day on Netflix‘s Daredevil set in New York as Frank Castle. Season two of the incredibly popular Marvel and Netflix series starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murduck/Daredevil will pit the two in a season long battle that could well determine how justice is served in Hells Kitchen.

Here’s the tweet that included a couple of pictures:

That is one short hair cut, but fits the Punisher style. I cant wait to see how this turns out. I find myself hoping that Daredevil captures the Punisher and turns him into the police and then helps defend him as Matt Murdock in court. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

What do you think of the Bernthal/Punisher look?

Via: Clooider Twitter

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