SDCC15: Check Out The Full ‘Doctor Who’ Panel


BBC powerhouse program Doctor Who is at SDCC, and while you fight the urge to strangle every human on social media sharing that darn Little Mermaid meme. We bring you the  full entire Doctor Who Panel for your viewing pleasure.  Keep your munchies at the ready and thank Tardis for our technological advances.
Top 3 Takeaways from  the panel:

Steven Moffat discusses the Matt Smith vs. Peter Capaldi’s interpretations of The Doctor (mannerisms, voice types and lots of love for Capaldi’s Irish brogue).

Jenna Coleman breaks down Clara and The Doctors relationship along with things Clara rules and what they mean for her growth.

Michelle Gomez returns to the series to reprise her role as Missy and Moffat goes at length to give us something to ruminate over when it comes to her reunion with  The Doctor, on screen.

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