SDCC15: Conan O’Brien Offers “Sneak Peak” at ‘Batman V. Superman’


As you may or may not be aware (but you should be because we darn well told you yesterday) Conan O’Brien is filming his TBS talk show in front of a live audience in San Diego through till Saturday night. With such a popular stage front and center, it should come as no surprise that producers and studios looking to promote major TV and movie projects at San Diego Comic Con would turn to Conan as a platform, and wouldn’t you know it… Anxious to get some insight into the upcoming Batman V. Superman movie? Well, Conan had a super advanced clip, procured “illegally,” of the upcoming superhero fight film. Be careful though, because there’s a reason that sneak peak is in quote marks in the headline.

Prepare to be delighted. Or disappointed.

Not exactly the Batman V. Superman you were expecting, but probably a clip more likely to get a positive reception than the actual trailer for the film. Bravo Conan, you sure fooled us.

Stay tuned for more *legit* Comic Con coverage as the weekend rolls on.


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