Now that the Tomcat is out of the bag (I’m NOT apologizing for that!) and everyone knows who’s going to be suiting up as Marvel’s most popular hero, it’s time to get down into the smaller details, like the suit’s design. Given that the spider-suit is a significant part of Spider-Man‘s iconic appeal, Marvel and Sony are surely feeling the pinch to get the costume right for their film fans. IGN managed to corner Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada at SDCC and wrangle some exciting details about the costume out of him, which we also have to share with all of you fine webheads. 

When asked if he had seen the costume yet and if it was looking good, Quesada had this to say:

“I have. Yes. Yes! What do you think?! It looks awesome! I’ve seen a lot of design work that’s been done on the costume, I think there are elements of it that are really going to blow people away, where they go, ‘Uh, that’s Marvel doing Spider-Man.”

Listen to Joe’s Spidey comments starting at the 4-minute mark in the video below.

It’s hard not to be excited too given the man’s enthusiasm! I’m personally a huge fan of the costume work Sony did on the divisive Amazing Spider-Man 2 (even though the film itself was terrible), and I’d argue until I’m blue in the face that it was the best Spider-Man suit to see life on the silver screen. If they can take some design queues from that or leave it largely untouched, we’ll surely have another great suit bringing Spider-Man to life. Given Marvel’s eagerness to put their stamp on Spider-Man, it could be something completely different as well.


Spider-Man has gone through a number of costume changes throughout his history, but I can’t imagine Marvel would do anything other than the characters classic look.

What do you think? Are you stoked to finally see Spider-Man properly integrated into the MCU? Did you like any of the previous film suits? Any designs you’re hoping to see ripped from the comics? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section.

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