TV RECAP: Hannibal’ – S03E06 – “Dolce”


Last week’s episode of Hannibal was truly a work of art. Viewers received a healthy dose of all the things that they love about the show. We saw Hannibal taking down a new victim in the form of Inspector Pazzi. We also saw Hannibal being bested by Jack Crawford, a former victim of the doctor’s viciousness. And in the meanwhile, the other characters were moving about like pieces on a chess board, all of them trying to checkmate Hannibal and claim the king of cannibals as their prize. So what does this week’s ‘Dolce’ have to offer? Read on to find out…

So much happens this week, where to start? Well, the episode begins with Hannibal. He’s all messed up from his confrontation with Jack, stumbling along and trying to find his way home. Luckily, he has Bedelia to take care of him. Which is, of course, a bit ironic. She could end his life at any point, but chooses not to. Brainwashing the Hannibal Lecter way or something else? As it turns out, she’s very keen on leaving Hannibal and knows that he won’t kill her given the current circumstances.

Bedelia and Hannibal

But Bedelia’s escape is short-lived. Chiyo shows up and she’s looking for Hannibal. The two have a little chat (at gunpoint, of course) and Chiyo’s plan is finally revealed – she wants to put Hannibal in a cage, much the same way her former charge was.

But just when you think Bedelia can finally take off and get some R&R, here comes Will and Jack. Despite being high as a kite, she’s very much ready to deny any involvement with Hannibal. After all, she has a role to play and that role revolves around a fair bit of ignorance. Unfortunately for her, the cops show up and they want more information. Worse yet, they’re looking for that Mason Verger reward, so proper police procedure is off the table. Naturally, Bedelia understands what she’s gotten into and plays the poor officer like a well-tuned violin.

Speaking of the man behind the money, what exactly is Mason Verger up to this week? Well, we start with him and his crazy-ass attendant – Cordell – hanging out. Cordell seems intent on serving Hannibal not to the pigs, but to Mason himself. After all, what better way to get revenge than to eat your enemy? Needless to say, Cordell is a bit of a nut-bag.

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But what we’ve really been waiting for this episode is Will. He made it to Florence despite being pushed off a train and finally meets up with Jack. Naturally, the big question comes up – Why didn’t Jack off Hannibal when he had the chance? Apparently, Jack wants Will to do the honors. He feels that it will be cathartic for him in some way.

But Will wanders off from his reunion for a meeting of a different sort. He finds Hannibal and the two finally have a chance to have a decent chat. They are still friends, in some strange way, and each wonders at who is whom, given their unique relationship. But just when it seems like everything is okay between the two, Will wants to stab Hannibal. As luck would have it, Chiyo is lurking in the sky, sights trained on the pair. Will sustains a nasty gun wound. A wound that Hannibal fixes up.

Too bad for Will, Hannibal’s moment of kindness is not what it seems. He knocks Will out, ties him up and feeds him something that will, presumably, make him taste better. Jack shows up to save the day, but fails miserably. And then it’s two tied up victims for Hannibal’s pleasure. And just when you think that Will is a goner… the power of Mason Verger makes itself known.

hannibal will

This episode, combined with last week, have to be two of the best I’ve seen during Hannibal’s three-season run. While last week we had a dose of conflict, this week was all about the characters. Bedelia was of particular interest. She’s still helping Hannibal, despite the fact that she knows she can walk away at any time, which raises the question of whether she’s truly loyal to the doctor or just so brainwashed that she doesn’t know who she is. And Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of the character was even more amazing this week than usual. She’s at rock bottom, yet still struggling to survive, Hannibal’s influence or otherwise.

The other main highlight was the reunion of Hannibal and Will. The two seemed like genuine friends. Even though Will had a knife in his pocket and was ready to kill the doctor, they were allowed to speak on equal terms. Neither of the two understood how they could possibly exist without the other, but both were making moves to remedy the situation, for better or for worse. It was almost like a real relationship between two old friends… except with murder in the middle.

Hannibal crosshairs

Next week, ‘Digestivo’ promises something new. With Mason Verger in charge, Hannibal and Will must either ally or face a certain doom. Will they end up on Verger’s dinner table? Check the promo trailer and find out…

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