SDCC15: ‘The Killing Joke’ to Become Animated in 2016


Here’s a bizarre piece of news, they want to make The Killing Joke a cartoon. The seminal 1988 graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland remains a touchstone, a standout amongst the thousands of stories about Batman to unfold over his nearly 80 year history. It was an inspiration for Tim Burton when he made Batman in 1989, and to Christopher Nolan when he made The Dark Knight in 2008, but now it’s going to be its own movie, and in animation form. Amongst the upcoming slate of DC Comics Animated films to be released in the next year, it’s been officially confirmed that one of them will be The Killing Joke.

Following the premiere screening of the latest DC Animated Film, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, at San Diego Comic Con, producer Bruce Timm revealed the upcoming slate of future films and amongst them is The Killing Joke. Timm will executive produced the film, and although not much was revealed in terms of the filmmaking crew or the voice cast, Timm said that a new 15-minute prologue will be incorporated into the story, all in an effort to tell The Killing Joke in what they’re calling a “new and exciting way.”

Of course The Killing Joke is the tale of how the Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon and kidnaps her father Commissioner Gordon in an attempt to prove that one bad day can make anyone go nuts. The story also features an oblique and potentially not-entirely-factual origin for the Joker, as well as a meditation on the yin and yang relationship between the Clown Prince of Crime and his nemesis, the Dark Knight. And before you say “They can’t adapt a classic like The Killing Joke for animation!” it’s worth noting that both Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns have both already been turned into animated hits by Warner Bros. Animation.

The other films coming out are two original stories called Batman: Bad Blood and Justice League Vs Titans. The Killing Joke is expected to be released directly to home video and VOD sometime in 2016. Meanwhile, Justice League: Gods and Monsters will be available on July 28.

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