As Comic Con winds down for another year there’s still one or two more goodies left for fans, amongst them the them trailer for Heroes Reborn, the continuation of the NBC series Heroes that premieres later this year. Of course, we’re well aware of the gradual decline of the show from its superior season one heights to its season four doldrums, so the question becomes, can the new limited series version of Heroes get that mojo back? We’re not sure yet, but the trailers so far are making a pretty good case. This new trailer will likely seal the deal further with more than a little Days of Future Past flavor and some hints of a very dangerous new world for the super-powered folks of Heroes.

Behold! A pistol packing Chuck. Magical horn-rimmed glasses of memory. Mohinder! Matt Parkman! Mama Petrelli! And soul-patch Hiro! Click play on the video below.

So HRG has amnesia? Zachary Levi‘s a bad guy? The Heroes are the hunted? And what’s the story with the girl in the parka trying to control what looks like a black hole? All this and more will be asked and (hopefully) answered when Heroes Reborn begins this September, Thursdays on NBC.

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