I expect that many productions will start posting the official trailers right after the SDCC Panels next year, as every panel this year had someone bootlegging a copy with their cell phone. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice waited a couple of hours after their Hall H Panel, but then again they didn’t have to pay any lawyers to send out C&D letters to Youtube and other sites because as soon as that official one went out, everyone just embeded that one. Now we’ve got a low quality cell phone video of Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Apocalypse.

Here it is, and it looks good, well at least it will when we get the official version.

What did you think? For me, there isn’t a superhero movie out there that I won’t go see in theaters and this one will be one of the more interesting of the bunch. My only real comment is that Star Wars made me cry… Batman V Superman made me sit up and take notice… Deadpool made me touch myself and others… and X-Men: Apoc made me say OK, that’s nice.

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