FOX has released the final trailer for Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four Reboot and it just might be the trailer we’ve been waiting for. This movie has been one hell of a ride since the start. The fan backlash on the Internet reached biblical proportions and even as I write this I know there will be some that still look at this trailer and won’t let go of their rage. I just watched it and I am befuddled on why FOX hasn’t been using this style of trailer since the start, instead fumbling the marketing ball at every opportunity.

Watch it and see if it changes your mind:

Correct me if I am wrong but they didn’t show any footage or this trailer at the SDCC15 FOX panel did they? Why not? It’s a great trailer, easily the best of everything they have done marketing wise. Why not? I think it’s because FOX has NO CLUE how to handle this movie marketing wise. It’s almost as if the initial backlash has cowered the FOX marketing team.

The one thing that I saw here, that was one of my biggest peeves about the reboot and the other two FOX Fantastic Four movies was the overall lack of the sense of family that the comic always had.

He’s not stronger than all of us.

That one line may help change more minds than anything else. It is the moment in that trailer that you actually feel the Fantastic Four might just be… fantastic.

I’m still not thrilled about Doom’s back story changes here, but if the villain we all love turns out to be insanely powerful and quite the challenge for our Fantastic Family of Four, perhaps I can over look it. Let him go carve out a country of his own to rule at some point, turning himself into that dictator of Latveria we all love.

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