Over the last few years, it’s become more and more “cool” for celebrities to want to walk the floor of the San Diego Comic Con “incognito,” where they don some type of costume that obscures their face, so they can “be among the people” or some such.  But there is one TV personality that’s been traipsing the aisles of the convention every year for quite a while now: MythBusters front-man Adam Savage!  The guy loves costumes and building props, and in many past years he has cosplayed as various astronaut characters, including real-life versions (a painstakingly-recreated Mercury outfit) and fictitious ones (he’s got a great Nostromo uniform from the Alien film series).  This year, to try and throw suspicious fans off of his trail, he decided to make his journey with a friend – none other than real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield!

Hadfield, now retired, is best known for being the first Canadian to walk in space, as well as having flown two space shuttle missions.  He also served as commander of the International Space Station, so, y’know… the guy’s legit.  For this year’s SDCC, Savage created beautiful, matching space suits from 2001: A Space Odyssey, complete with functional cooling shirts and replica lunch boxes for when they just couldn’t make it any further with out a turkey sandwich.  They even bumped into another famous space-y person on the con floor, but I won’t ruin the surprise for you – take a look at the video below , it’s equal parts entertaining and informative!

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