Whedon Promises No ‘Age of Ultron’ Director’s Cut


Around the time of the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was a lot of discussion about what was left out of the movie. According to director Joss Whedon himself, the original cut was in the neighborhood of three-plus hours long, nearly an hour longer than the finished film that came out in theaters this past May. There was some nattering that Marvel Studios made Whedon make significant cuts, and there was more discussion about the a potential director’s cut coming with the Age of Ultron DVD and Blu-ray later this year, but Whedon begs to differ with all of that. In fact, at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, he denied everything. 

During the Nerd HQ panel at SDCC15, Whedon addressed the rumor mill about a lengthier Age of Ultron, and not only is the theatrical cut the version that both studio and director agreed on, Whedon also has no plan to release a director’s cut version. Why? In his worlds, he’s just “super f**king lazy.” Here’s the whole of Whedon’s comment on the matter.

“It has always been my ambition never to do a director’s cut of anything, and always to make the movie with the studio that we both want to make. Ultron was very complex. There was a lot of back-and-forth. My instinct is no. Just as an artist, I’m super f**king lazy and that sounds like it would be hard. I don’t think there’s interest in it, right now. You’ll see a bunch of stuff on the DVD in extras that were meant to be there. But the narrative came together very close to the way that I hoped it would, and I don’t think it needs me to constantly tweak it. I feel you put something out, and there it is. The first time I ever heard a re-mix, I was 13 and I was listening to the radio. I heard a song that had been re-mixed and it freaked me out so much that I turned off the radio and never listened to it since, literally. That is an actual truth. I felt like, “Wait, that was the song. You can’t do that.” Our entire culture consists of doing exactly that, but I’m not for it. If I tell a story, I want that to be the story I told. Ultron may have some transitions that I’m not 100% on board with. It’s also one of the most ridiculously personal things I’ve ever put on screen. The fact that Marvel gave me that opportunity and supported it, I’m very happy and very proud of everybody that worked on it. I don’t feel the need to go in and fix. I feel like, there she is.”

Sounds like Whedon’s doing a “Reverse Lucas,” as in not even revisiting a past project even once, let alone making multiple alterations over 20 years. Undoubtedly there will be deleted scenes on the Blu-ray when it comes out later this year, but fans looking for an expanded edition or re-editing will be waiting until hell freezes over by the sounds of it. You can listen to Whedon’s comments yourself in the video below.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will likely be released on home video sometime this September. No official release date has yet been set. We’ll update you when that changes though.

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