Every few years there is a new female comedian who’s star power rises above all others. Where Sarah Silverman was once the top of the crop, it is now Amy Schumer who’s getting all the attention lately. She has really come to mainstream attention with a successful stand-up show and her TV series, Inside Amy Schumer. Now her turn in Judd Apatow’s latest flick Trainwreck has her positioned to be a mega star.

How is any of that nerd related? Well, it isn’t. However, its what Schumer did in her shoot for an upcoming issue of GQ Magazine that has awakened the force. The shoot features Schumer dressed as Princess Leia, hanging out with Chewie, Artoo and Threepio, dancing with Stormtroopers, and… well, doing things with a ligtsaber. The interview with the mag is not out until Monday, but you can check out the rest of the NSFW shots below. 







I didn’t know Shumer was a Star Wars fan, and I don’t think she is. A Star Wars fan would know not to put a lightsaber near any orifice. But I don’t think it matters. These photos are hilarious. A post-coital cigarette with R2D2 and C3PO? Yeah, if nerds didn’t know who she was before, they sure do now. That’s the point – well, the real point of the photoshoot is to mimic Schumer’s comedy, which is sexy, funny and crass.

Regardless of however you feel about her comedy, a voluptuous girl in a Slave Leia outfit is never a bad thing.

*UPDATE: Disney and Lucasfilm weren’t very happy with Schumer and GQ, with the official Star Wars Twitter account releasing a statement that called the pictorial “inappropriate.”:

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.37.38 PM

Inappropriate is why this is funny. But I do understand intellectual property being used without consent in a way that it unbecoming of a brand; even if it’s a parody being protected under the fair use act. Having said that, if Disney is gonna be upset about this then they should be shaking a finger at Kevin Smith’s Zach and Miri Make a Porno (Star Whores: Episode III Revenge of the Clit), cosplayers who do sexified versions of title Star Wars characters, or any other offbrand humor. Disney doesn’t have to be happy about it, but by saying something, all they did was add to the attention Schumer and GQ is getting.  A simple “we didn’t condone it” was all that was needed. Adding “inappropriate” to the remark brings ego/opinion into the mix. Nobody likes a conglomerate, particularly a bitchy one.

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