‘Comic-Con: The Musical’ – Experience SDCC Through Song and Dance

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San Diego Comic Con is both heaven and hell for nerds. Sure, you can get your hands on some exclusive toys and collectibles. You can attend panels featuring your favorite celebrities and catch exclusive film and TV footage before anyone else. There’s also hundreds of cosplayers to ogle at (in a non creeper manner) and take selfies with.  Above all else, it’s a place for people of mutual interest to come together and share their unbridled passions for pop culture. Oh, and those after parties – nothing like seeing a room full of inebriated nerds.

Comic Con should be the promised land. It is and it isn’t. There is the darker side to the convention. The stuff of nightmares.

Namely the sea of people – some of which whom don’t bath leaving a strong stench of “edu du nerd” – making it impossible navigate the con floor. It’s so crowded, if you were to jump you would get stuck. People with space issues need not go. Then there is the true horror… waiting. All you do is get in a line a wait half your day (or sometimes even over night) in the hopes that you’ll get in on blockbuster panel, not knowing if your time sacrificed will even get you into the infamous Hall H. There’s more to lament, such as the lack of sustainable sustenance offered by the convention food vendors – hot dogs, nachos and jumbo pretzels are not adequate journey food. Then there’s the occasional nerd on nerd violence. Cutting in line will not go over well with someone who’s spent the evening on pavement getting 3 hours sleep.

All the highs and lows of Comic Con can be best addressed in song. If you’ve never experienced Comic-Con for yourself, the folks at Nerdist have put together a short called Comic-Con: The Musical, and it’s a fairly accurate depiction of what its like being at Comic Con. 

Set to the catchy tune of “Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, this is an adorable and wonderful depiction of what every single Comic-Con attendee goes through in just four or five days.

Good song. Good production quality. And compliments to all the participating cosplayers, who I’m sure had no idea what they were agreeing to.

Having been to Comic Con, I can say with absolute certainty that the mega convention is just like this. Except there is considerably much less signing, and less happy faces. Picture the Walking Dead with noise makers.


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