‘World of Warcraft’ SDCC15 Footage Leaked


Just like every other panel at SDCC15, the footage from the World of Warcraft Panel has been bootlegged on a cell phone and posted online. The only difference here is that it took so long for the material to be posted. Whoever took it must have had to take a couple of days to recover from the weekend. It’s an over the shoulders shot and background noise laden look at World of Warcraft. This is not the trailer, it was shown after this footage that was brought by director Ducan Jones.

The footage focuses on the Horde and Toby Kebbell who plays the Orc Durotan. It is all rough cut CGI footage as they say in the business, and we’ll have to wait until November for the first official trailer. The Orcs are all CGI or mo-cap so yes, just as the guy in front says, it looks like Avatar.

Why not release officially what was shown at SDCC15 soon after like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? As to the CGI look of the film, how else could you possibly do a film like this? Word is that even when the real actors and practical costumes are on screen the backgrounds are and still look CGI. Those there have said it looks like a dirtier, gritter, more muted Avatar.

Another missed opportunity to build marketing momentum in my opinion.

What did you think?

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