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We got a glimpse of it at the Sideshow Collectibles booth from the floor of San Diego Comic Con, but Hot Toys has now given us an official look at their upcoming Ant-Man Marvel Sixth Scale Figure. It is hands down one of the better looking figures they have ever produced, and this is Hot Toys we are talking about, so thats saying a lot.

The movie-accurate Ant-Man Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the film featuring a newly-developed helmeted head sculpt with authentic likeness of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in the movie and LED light-up function when the helmet is closed, specially tailored Ant-Man suit, an Ant-Man miniature figure, detailed accessories and a specially designed figure stand.

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It’s always astonishing to see how Hot Toys is able to replicate a movie characters costume so accurately. This looks like they (no pun intended) shrunk down Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man costume. The material and all the characteristics of the outfit are 100% movie accurate. Even the eyes on the helmet light up! Under the helmet will, of course, feature the mug of Paul Rudd and not that blurred out face you see in the image above – Paul Rudd (or his peoples) have yet to sign off on his likeness rights. The only concern with this figure, is its poseability. I own quite a few Hot Toys figures with tight fitting clothes and they almost always restricted movement in the shoulder, midsection, and hip areas.

I’ve groaned over the fact that Ant-Man, the character, isn’t all that interesting. Shrinking down to half the size of a popcorn kernel and the ability to talk to ants has always seemed, to me, a lame set of super powers. That was, of course, before I saw the movie. Which, I absolutely loved. It was fun, funny and exhilarating. If I wasn’t a fan of Ant-Man before, I sure am now.

Back when the whole MCU thing was just getting started, I would have balked at the idea of getting a $200.00 figure based on Ant-Man. Now this is a figure I desperately want.

No details on release date or pricing are available as of yet, but it will like push over the $200.00 price range and will take a year before its released. You can pre-order it HERE

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