If you are familiar with the Fallout games then you already know the shear joy of wandering the wastelands and exploring. Spending endless hours tooling around the post-apocalypse gathering bobby pins and teddy bears and running across the odd TARDIS here and there or a nuked fridge complete with fedora wearing archaeologist (what’s left of him at least.)

When Bethesda rolled out the latest in the series, Fallout 4, at E3 this year we were treated to more than a few videos showing off what awaits in what is left of Boston. I am sure the game will have a story about saving something or someone and probably a whole wack of quests about just that, but don’t let those distract you from what you are really there to do. The true meaning of the game will be finding the burnt out husk of a bar with a skeleton in a postal uniform and a particular rotund feral goul and finding out if they do know your name.

Anyway, wanna see 5 minutes of Fallout 4 exploration footage?

So, while it is not necessarily new footage (pretty much seen this in chunks at the Xbox E3 Briefing and the games trailer,) it is nice to see it all together in wonderful HD without someone pratering on and on. Besides, we got to see more raiders being dismembered by a Gatling gun.

Still, it be nice to know if super-mutant Sam and centuar Shelley Long ever get together. Guess we’ll have to wait till the game is officially released this fall.

Haul ass November 10th, I am growing bored of reality.



Official Site: www.Fallout4.com

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