Word hit late yesterday that New Line Cinema‘s feature film re-imagining of Stephen King‘s It is back on track. The production lost Cary Fukunaga (True Detectives), the man who wrote the script for the two-part film and was set to direct until he dropped out after some infighting over budget restraints that wouldn’t allow for all the bells and whistles he wanted for the movies. Who’s taking over the director’s chair?


Andy Muschetti (Mama – 65% Rotten Tomato Rating) is who THR is reporting will take over the director’s duties. There’s still plenty to do though, the production is currently looking for another screenwriter to take a crack at molding the current script into something more in line with Muschietti’s vision for the films.

That is kinda troubling news, word is that King read Fukunaga’s script and loved it. Tinkering with the script could ruin what King liked so much about the script. They are keeping the film in two parts. I don’t think anyone could argue that anything less than two is doable for this story. In fact I am more surprised they didn’t try for three.

Almost as important as the script is who will be playing the murderous clown Pennywise. Tim Curry set an impossibly high standard for the role so whoever ends up taking it on will have an uphill battle winning over long time fans. Will Poulter, was set to take on the role, but is currently no longer attached to the production. Now that the production has a director Poulter is thought to be willing to return barring any scheduling or other conflicts.

Does this news make you more hopeful for the big screen adaptation of King’s It, or do you want little Billy to wish it into the cornfield?

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